UDENews is the listserv for the Utah Dance Education Organization. UDENews can be submitted from any UDEO member, and will be sent out monthly. UDENews items must adhere to the following criteria:


Please email to news@udeo.org by Midnight on Sunday before the first Thursday of every month and follow these simple requests:

To Submit Job, Workshop, Conference, Performance, Audition Announcements:
Write a short header to serve as the title of your email request.
Write an unformatted 75 word teaser in Arial font as the body of your email.
Include contact information: email address, website (url, eg http://www.udeo.org)

Special news: If you have news of State and/or National significance you can submit a short news article no longer than 150 words.

Do not send: flyers, attachments, or any materials that need to be edited

Please Note: Submitter MUST be a current NDEO and/or UDEO Member to submit.

Submit here or by email at news@udeo.org

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